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Brown Bear Watching and Photography in Croatia

Exclusive offer for June, July and August 2019

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Wild bears at cabin
Wild bears. Photo taken at cabin.
All photos below are taken at the watchtower.
Watch and photograph Brown Bears in the wild. Spend time in the cozy watchtower adapted for photographing bears and other wildlife. We have a very high success rate of seeing bears here. Roughly half of Croatia's brown bear population dwells within these forests. We have over eight years of experience of bear watching.

The watchtower is located in the Risnjak mountains in North Croatia. The mountains are part of Dinaric Alps, Europe's great and intact wilderness, which makes it an ideal location for viewing brown bear in its natural habitat. Our animal watchtower is cozy and caters for two persons. It has a wooden bench and one window for observing the animal activity. A set of headphones are available to listen out for an approaching wildlife and forest sounds.
  • High success rate to see Brown Bears up close (80%).
  • Learn from our experienced guides about the Bears and other wildlife.
  • Excellent photo opportunities.
  • Cozy cabin at the top of our watch tower.

Special Offer, If you wish to stay in our village accommodation and you have booked a bear watching excursion trip, we offer our accommodation at half price for 2 nights ! Please contact us for by e-mail for price, availability, and bookings.

General Information
Duration Total 6 Hours :
up to 4 hrs of watching (18:00-22:00) plus the returned journey of 2 hrs including landscape view stops.
Location: Crni Lug Forest Area, Gorski Kotar, Croatia. At the borders of the National Park Risnjak.
Max No of participants: 2
Meeting Time/Address: 16:30 at CafeBar Lug (location on Google Maps)
E-mail booking:
Our competitive prices cover transport, snacks, drink, guides. For booking and quotes please enquire via

Cabin on high poles
Wildlife watching cabin.
The meeting point is at Caffe Bar "Lug", Crni Lug village center, where you will meet your guides Bruno and Ana enthusiastic nature and wildlife guides/photographers. They will tell you more about the bears, wolves, lynx, owls and other wildlife which you have a chance to see. We will also cover few practical details on how to act and behave in the cabin to increase your chances of seeing bears.

The aim is to start our car journey at 17:00 from Crni Lug towards the Bear Watching location which takes approximately 40 minutes one way, through the forest roads, to reach an observation watchtower. Here bears and other wildlife roam freely. Once we park, we continue by foot for approx 10 minutes, gentle walk.

As dusk falls get yourself and your cameras ready. The bears may show up at any time. Sometimes the bear comes straight away and at other times it may take couple of hours for one of more to show up. Please note that we cannot guarantee the viewing due to its large habitat and freedom of movement. These are wild animals.

The bears are wild and shy so we advise you to be quiet not to scare them away. Bruno and Ana will take you to the watch tower cabin and make sure everything is okay. They will collect you at 22:00 hr.
Some of the wildlife you may spot here are the three main carnivores : bear, lynx and wolf as well as wildcat, fox, pine marten, chamois, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, capercaillie, peregrine falcon, pygmy owl, ural owl ,tawny owl, white-backed woodpecker and three-toed woodpecker, goshawk, Eurasian jay, finches, tits, goldcrest, nutcracker. .
June, July and August are better months to see the animals as the days are longer and its still light up till 21:00 hr.

ladder towards cabin
Entrance of wildlife watching cabin.
What's Included?
Snack and drinks, returned journey, guides and advice.
When Can We Do This?
From 1.6 -1.9
When It's Best?
June July and August due to longer days
Toilet Facilities
Crni Lug village
Starting Times
4:30 pm meet and brief, 5 pm the journey starts
What do I need to bring?
Suitable clothing i.e. waterproof clothes, shoes in case it rains.
The evenings and nights can be very fresh so warm clothing.
Mosquito repellent.
Medication if you require it.
Your additional snack/drink/flask etc apart from alcohol and cigarets which are not allowed in the watchtower.
Cancellation Policy : Please inform us of your cancellation 8 days prior.
Location and how to get there

DMS Decimal 45.418609, 14.704998

- Crni Lug Coordinates. This is located 2 hrs from Zagreb , Ljubljana, Pula airports via car. From Zagreb and Pula take public transport, i.e. bus to Delnice and we can arrange to pick you up in Delnice.
For Who?
You must be able to walk on gravel trails for 15 min. Walking level is easy. You must be able to stay quiet in the cabin, only whispering allowed.
Please note : The excursion is not suitable for people using wheelchairs or walking frame.
It is not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol at the watchtower.

Max Participants : 2
Reservations : Via e-mail providing the number of participants and dates..
Payments : For bookings and price please e-mail

More Photo's
Young Bear in wild
Young Bear.
Young bear in wild
Young Bear.

Video taken during spotting end August 2018.



By Car
Depending from where you come you might come over Graz (Austria), Maribor (SLO), Zagreb and further direction Rijeka. Take exit 4-Delnice and follow "NP Risnjak", you will arrive in Crni Lug after 12 km.
Coming from Salzburg (Austria), Villag, Ljubljana (SLO), take exit Postojna and follow Rijeka. Once crossing the SLO/CRO border you are back on the highway. Take direction Zagreb and take exit 4-Delnice.

Arrival by air
Nearest airports are Zagreb (1:30 Hr by car), Rijeka (Island Krk)(45' by car), Pula (2 hr by car).
Most flights you will find to Zagreb. Airliners to Rijeka-Krk and Pula operate mostly in Summer months. From Zagreb or Rijeka Airport there are some options. A pick-up can be organised.
From Zagreb airport you can take a shuttle bus that brings you to the bus-station in Zagreb every 30 minutes. Also from Rijeka airport there is a shuttle bus to the bus-station. In both City's the train station is in walking distance from the bus-station.

Arrival by train
The nearest train station is in Delnice. You can find the timetables here. We can pick you up when you arrive in Delnice. There are only three direct trains a day from Zageb to Delnice and the ride takes about 2.5 to 3 hours (direct train). From Rijeka there are 6 direct trains, that ride takes a bit more than one hour. From Delnice we will pick you up to drive you to Crni Lug.

Arrival by bus
Traveling by bus is more convenient than by train. There are regular connections from Rijeka and Zagreb to Delnice. Departing almost every hour. (from Rijeka 45', from Zagreb 2 hrs).
From Delnice we will pick you up to drive you to Crni Lug. Busstation Zagreb.

Rental car
If you arrive by airplane, in both Zagreb and Rijeka airport you can pick-up your rental car and travel to Crni Lug. It will take you 1.5 hrs form Zagreb and 45 minutes from Rijeka. We advise to rent a car in advance over internet.

Location -Meeting Address
CafeBar Lug. (location on Google Maps). Crni Lug is a village that belongs to the city of Delnice (12km). It is situated in the Gorski Kotar mountain area in the north of Croatia.

As wildlife is just that, wild, there are no guarantees, but we will certainly do our best to make your day’s sightings match your expectation.
The main goal of our bear wildlife watching trip is to provide an unique opportunity for discovery, education and behaviour of bears in their natural habitat and to explore the nature around.
Due to the remote location our watch tower is not serviced by electricity and therefore we use/supply torches for lighting. It is advised to bring own drinking water with you as there are no water facilities on the sight. The nearest toilet facilities are one hour away at the meeting point in the village.
Health And Travel Insurance/Medical Care
It is advised that each participant makes necessary arrangements to possess their own valid european travel insurance.Use and access to this site indicates that you understand and agreed with the terms and conditions in this disclaimer.

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